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Top 10 employers for millennials
For these leading employers, the millennials in the organization say they are highly likely to stay long-term, and show high levels of engagement compared with other demographic colleagues. “In other words, these employers have cracked the code on how to retain millennials,” says Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work For All, a workplace culture analysis firm.

According to Great Place to Work, a consultancy specializing in workplace culture, helping organizations to create exceptional, high performing workplaces where employees feel trusted and valued, there are five essentials to keeping your millennial talent:

· Create authentic and meaningful professional opportunities such as industry leadership, philanthropy, teamwork, or other company purpose where they can make an impact.
· Focus on your millennial leaders — Ensure they’re getting the professional development, feedback, and mentoring they need.
· Lead with sincerity — Leadership should “practice what they preach.”
· Strengthen your employer brand — Promote your workplace with the same zeal as your products and/or services.
· Offer a great workplace for all — Treat all employees equally, no matter their background or role in the organization.

The following 10 companies have found that secret sauce and are leading the way as the best place to work for millennials.