Put analytics to work: Key metrics for healthy essential employees

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You’re adhering to government and CDC safety measures and have adopted state and local guidance into your operational policies. You’ve offered flu shots. What else should you be doing to keep your essential workers and their families healthy this winter and in 2021?

You are probably a bit overwhelmed, trying to ensure your employees are safe and able to help your business operate smoothly and reliably, as we reach into winter. With COVID and flu season bringing new challenges, using your data in new ways, you can navigate emerging trends in virtual care, mental health needs, parental leaves and COVID-19 testing and what this means for your organization. HDMS wants to give you some ideas about how you can use analytics to quiet the chaos and make the best decisions for the care and costs of your most essential asset – your employees.

Join this webinar to connect 5 health care and benefits trends to analytic strategies you should be on top of, to best serve your essential employees health needs this winter and beyond. HDMS, experts in health data and what to do with it, will share:

Key Speakers
  • Rani Aravamudhan
    Senior Clinical Consultant
  • Elliot Kass
    Freelance Writer, Editor & Presenter