The triple A threat: Tackle anxiety, anger, and aggression in the workplace

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The unprecedented change in work and life is resulting in a dramatic increase in anxiety, anger and aggression in the workplace. According to the 2019 Gallup World Emotion Report, stress, worry, and anger have all increased over recent years. In 2019, 68% of Americans reported they were angry at least once a day and one in five (22%) felt angry a lot.

The fallout of this toxic combination results in real economic and psychological costs to your people and your business, including increased behavioral health costs, decreased productivity, and unplanned absences. With increasing demands on the individual's ability to manage stress and emotion they're ill-equipped for today's world of work. what do you have in place to support them? Join Dr. Lucy English, VP of Research and Science at meQuilibrium, as she details why it’s critical to put a resilience strategy into action today.

● The impacts of the Triple A Threat
● Why resilient employees suffer less
● How an organization can predict, prescribe and prevent these threats

Key Speakers
  • Lucy English
    Lucy English
    PH.D. VP, Research and Science
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News