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5 things every employee wants in a workplace wellness program
It’s no secret that employers today are concerned with their employees’ health. Healthy, happy employees typically generate higher levels of productivity than unhealthy employees, and as a result, more business success. That’s why it’s no surprise that employer wellness programs have become incredibly popular during the last few years. Many employees are reaping the benefits as well.

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Despite all the employees currently engaged with employer wellness programs, there are still a significant number of non-participants — nearly 60% — who remain outside of these programs. So what’s holding them back? Inconvenient program options, a non-supportive company culture, and trust and privacy concerns all fall near the top of the list.

So what are employees looking for in an employer wellness program? Here are five things employees want in their employer wellness programs, according to research HealthFitness conducted between 2015 and 2016.