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10 jobs with the widest gender pay gaps
In the U.S., women on average earn around 21% less than men, a figure that amounts to women earning roughly 79 cents, on average, for each dollar earned by men in the labor market. Here is a look at some of the industries with the widest gender pay gaps, based on Glassdoor data.
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The "adjusted" gap
Although the “adjusted” gender pay gap is smaller than the often-cited comparison of average male and female pay, it remains an important and statistically significant gap.
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27.2% “adjusted” pay gap
4 Optician.jpg
17.3% “adjusted” pay gap
5 Physician.jpg
18.2% “adjusted” pay gap
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CAD Designer
21.5% “adjusted” pay gap
7 Pharmacist.jpg
21.8% “adjusted” pay gap
8 Psychologist.jpg
27.2% “adjusted” pay gap
9 C Suite.jpg
C-Suite Executive
27.7% “adjusted” pay gap
10 Dentist.jpg
28.1% “adjusted” pay gap
11 Chef.jpg
28.1% “adjusted” pay gap
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Computer Programmer
28.3% “adjusted” pay gap