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Survey overview
1. Tech spending.jpg
Tech spending is increasing
Young female call center operator with eyeglasses working on laptop.As background part of shelfs with boxes and folders, talking collegues, and tall windows.
2. Decrease.jpg
Few plan to decreased tech spending
A graph showing a falling trend
3. Budgets.jpg
Budgets are significant
Woman typing on laptop near bills and calculator
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3 major areas eyed for spending
Businessmen shaking hands in conference room
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Wellness tech also growing
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6. Tech overhaul.jpg
Some tech areas to see overhaul
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7. Service plans.jpg
Employee services spurs spending
Young team of creative people working in office.
8. Apps cloud.jpg
Applications moving rapidly into the cloud
Concept for cloud computing with drawing on napkin on digital tablet
9. Big Biz.jpg
Big name vendors are being embraced
Businessmen shaking hands
10. Tech satisfaction.jpg
Tech satisfaction is high
Shot of a young businessman working on his laptop in the office and leaning back in his chair