Slideshow 13 employers reveal why they are thankful for their employees

  • November 23 2016, 11:58am EST
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13 employers reveal why they are thankful for their employees

As the leaves turn to warm autumn colors and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year for benefits professionals to reflect on their best assets: their employees. These following employers share reasons why they are thankful for their workers this holiday season.

Angela Harrell, SVP of corporate responsibility and president of Voya Foundation, Voya Financial

“I am grateful for the compassion and giving spirit of our employees at Voya Financial, who serve year-round in our communities. Our employees have created a culture of giving. They always respond — whether it’s a large natural disaster or a smaller, more localized storm — like a child who needs mentoring, a hungry person in need of food, or a family that needs a home. In 2015 alone, our employees volunteered more than 44,000 hours across the country. One of our corporate values states “We Care.” Volunteerism is one of the ways that we live that value each and every day.”

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Tina Hay, CEO of Napkin Finance

“As an entrepreneur, I’m thankful for my employees because they make my life so much easier. I am lucky to work with great people who complement my skills and are also much better at many things than I am.”

Jon Ziglar, CEO of Parkmobile

“We are thankful to have employees that are always trying to find better ways to promote our company culture. Our employees always go that extra mile to ensure every person feels involved and a part of the team. We appreciate that our employees actively communicate and hold each other accountable. Our employees all want Parkmobile to succeed, and we’re always working hard together to accomplish that goal.”

Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet

“I am grateful for my employees because their patience and trust has allowed us to simplify and narrowly focus on what matters most to our organization. I can’t make a difference here on my own. Each day they come ready to make a difference. They challenge me to be better and to see things differently, and that makes me better at my job.”

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Ann Noder, CEO & president of Pitch Public Relations, LLC

“Pitch PR has a national reputation for delivering results on behalf of our clients. But that doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because of our people. I’m thankful to have a truly loyal and effective team of account managers, publicists and public relations coordinators who work diligently each day to land extensive media coverage for the big brands and small businesses we represent. I’m proud to say the people in our agency are scrappy, tenacious and results-driven.”

Andy Gritti, executive vice president of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals (makers of CloSYS Oral healthcare products)

“While we are really just a specialty consumer goods company, we make something most wouldn’t consider real sexy — toothpaste and mouthwash. Thankfully, our employees see themselves and our company as so much more. They see themselves as passionate providers of health products that can do much more than just freshen breath and make teeth white. In other words they see past the product as a just a widget. Attitude is everything, and because our team focuses more on creating better health, they make it a great place to work. We are so thankful for them.”

Stacia Pache, founder of itBandz

“I am thankful for my employees’ attention to detail and excellence that allows me to handoff projects with confidence. I am thankful that my employees prioritize customer support and strive to exceed customer expectations. I am thankful that my employees love their jobs and believe in what we are delivering to customers.”

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Nina Sossamon-Pogue, Benefitfocus’ VP of Community and Culture at Benefitfocus

“At Benefitfocus, a great culture is just as important as a great business – and the employees create the culture. Through living, learning, community, and spirit, Benefitfocus employees are constantly bringing forth new ideas to their managers to improve and evolve the company culture. Benefitfocus is thankful for the innovative, out-of-the-box ideas their employees bring to our culture and our products.

Not only do Benefitfocus employees create a positive culture at work, but also in their community. Through numerous volunteering and fundraising initiatives, including donations to any charity of their choice through the Benefitfocus Fund, Benefitfocus’ employees are incredible when it comes to giving back. There is always another volunteering or fundraising initiative in the pipeline, and Benefitfocus employees never stop stepping up to the plate.

So, on this #ThankfulThursday, Benefitfocus would like to extend a big thank you to its employees for creating a positive company culture that translates through to their hard work every day!”

Alejandro Velex, co-founder of Back to the Roots

“Doing what you love is only fun when you do it with people you love. I’m thankful I get to come to work every single day with the hardest working, smartest and most humble group of people in the food industry.”

Jakki Liberman, founder and president of Bumkins

“I am extremely thankful for my amazing employees who share the huge responsibility of moving our company forward. They represent us well and are continuously working to build and develop relationships within our industry and with our customers. It takes time to build a company and establish a brand, and it’s the everyday energy, attention to detail and problem solving that each person adds that makes up the unique, creative personality of Bumkins.

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Amy M. Zimmerman, head of global people operations for Kabbage, Inc.

“Kabbage is our people. From our products to our culture, we wouldn’t be Kabbage without the amazing contributions from all of our team members. We are grateful for the people that are passionate about our mission, care about one another and the work they are doing, and dedicate themselves to constantly pushing the edge of innovation.”

@EyeMedVision (EyeMed Vision Care)

“We’re thankful for our employees who truly care about helping EyeMed members see life to the fullest.”

@ACIBenefits (ACI Specialty Benefits)

“We have a few employees that we are very thankful for here ACI Specialty Benefits, we created an employee spotlight campaign of our own to thank them for their hard work.”

Hollie Brown, project specialist
Carole Stafford, ACI intake specialist
Kathryn Mullis, account manager