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A young businessman surrounded by moving boxes celebrating while using a laptop
2017’s worst cities for jobs
In order to determine the best job markets in the U.S., WalletHub analysts compared the 150 most populated cities across two key dimensions: “job market” and “socioeconomic environment.” The personal-finance website assigned heavier weight to the former as the factors in that category most heavily influence a job seeker’s decision in terms of relocation for employment.

The job market ranking, comprising of 80 points total, included a number of data points on job opportunities, employment growth and job securities. The socioeconomic portion, totaling 20 points, included data on median annual incomes, workplace accessibility and housing affordability.

These following cities ranked lowest on WalletHub’s list.
1. Rochester.jpg
Rochester NY on a nice clear day. The buildings are reflected in the Genesee River. You'll find copy space.
10. Rochester, N.Y.
Total score: 42.90
Job market ranking: 143
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 75
2. Tallahassee.jpg
Downtown Tallahassee Florida skyline at night. Tallahassee is the capital of the U.S. state of Florida in Leon County. It is an inland city in the Florida Panhandle. Tallahassee is known for its southern hospitality, oak-canopied roads, vibrant arts scene, and its universities
9. Tallahassee, Fla.
Total score: 42.53
Job market ranking: 146
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 52
3. Cleveland.jpg
Downtown Cleveland with the Cuyahoga River and a bridge at dusk.
8. Cleveland, Ohio
Total score: 42.10
Job market ranking: 140
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 140
4. Worcester.jpg
Winter in Downtown Worcester Massachusetts. Worcester is a city and the county seat of Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. The city is the second largest city in New England after Boston. A center of commerce, industry, and education, Worcester is also known for its spacious paks and plentiful museums and art galleries
7. Worcester, Mass.
Total score: 42.10
Job market ranking: 145
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 68
5. Oxnard.jpg
Oxnard Palm Trees
6. Oxnard, Calif.
Total score: 41.35
Job market ranking: 144
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 116
6. Buffalo.jpg
Destination road sign in New York
5. Buffalo, N.Y.
Total score: 41.17
Job market ranking: 147
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 63
7. Newark.jpg
Assorted cars passing a downtown area of office buildings along State Highway 21 in Newark, NJ. aRGB profile.
4. Newark, N.J.
Total score: 39.13
Job market ranking: 142
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 149
8. Bakersfield.jpg
Bakersfield sign
3. Bakersfield, Calif.
Total score: 37.35
Job market ranking: 149
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 106
9. Fresno.jpg
Fresno is a city in central California, United States, the county seat of Fresno County. It is the fifth largest city in California, the largest inland city in California
2. Fresno, Calif.
Total score: 36.81
Job market ranking: 148
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 137
10. Detroit.jpg
"Detroit skyline at spring, view from Windsor"
1. Detroit, Mich.
Total score: 33.45
Job market ranking: 150
Socioeconomic Environmental ranking: 148