5 employee feedback platforms to know
Gone are the days of annual, once-a-year reviews. HR managers today are creating a real-time environment where constant open communication is accessible between employees and upper management. They are doing so with the help of feedback platforms, which connect management to employees through continuous dialogue. There are a number of feedback tools on the market, but these five caught the eye of EBN editors; they are presented in alphabetical order.
1. Ascentis.PNG
Ascentis allows managers to track employee performance metrics and provide ongoing feedback through its software. The company’s assessment software runs competency analysis, comparing data by relationship types (peer/direct report/external customer), and creates reports to help managers identify worker strengths and areas for development.
1. CultureAmp.PNG
Culture Amp
Culture Amp software allows individuals, managers and teams to request feedback at any time to help drive development. The software can benchmark and track employee progress to help focus and build development plans using real-world metrics.
2. Impraise.PNG
Both workers and managers can use Impraise to send constructive feedback or positive recognition at any time, anonymously or openly. Additionally, the software’s dashboard gives managers an easy-access overview of personal growth to help set goals and train and develop necessary skills.
3. Reflektive.PNG
Reflektive allows managers to save feedback directly from email, review and share notes with employees through a one-on-one agenda and save private feedback for later conversations. The app also contains a “wall” where feedback can be shared directly from Outlook, Gmail, Slack and more to open communication and engagement.
4. Reviewsnap1.PNG
Reviewsnap helps keep performance reviews on schedule with automatic notifications for all raters. An example of an automatic notification includes invitations of upcoming and past-due surveys. The software also offers unlimited, anonymous multi-rater surveys with internal and/or external raters to gather real-time feedback for all levels and departments of an organization.