Slideshow 5 performance appraisal software providers to know

  • April 10 2018, 11:03pm EDT
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5 performance appraisal software providers to know

Performance appraisal software helps HR teams and managers conduct annual performance reviews of employees, track the results and monitor worker development in one comprehensive system. There are a number of providers that offer such appraisal software, but these five vendors caught the eye of EBN editors; they are presented in alphabetical order.


Appraisd helps remind HR professionals and managers when performance reviews are required by sending email reminders. The software also allows HR managers to create customized review forms on multiple levels – from an entire department down to individualized forms for each employee.

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BizMerlin tracks the progress of performance reviews at all cycles of the appraisal process. The software can be used to do individual or bulk reviews, and can be customized on scale types: from thumbs up or down, a point scale or red-yellow-green. The software adapts to what HR prefers.


EmpXtrack lets employers set up multiple appraisal plans. Each plan can have a unique customization within the platform, from form types to scoring rules. The appraisal plans can also be integrated with employee goal sheets to help workers identify skills gaps and training opportunities.


Engagedly can be used by HR professionals to set, track and monitor goals for employees. Through email alerts, employees will regularly check in on their goal progress, helping HR better engage in the performance appraisal process. The software also gives users the option to provide real-time one-on-one feedback, request one-on-one feedback and provide social praise.

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iRevü gives employers immediate access to employee performance information. The software, available on both desktop and mobile, maintains all past performance and feedback history on chronologically organized employee timelines, and allows employees to receive positive and constructive feedback in real-time from managers, peers and co-workers.