Open enrollment is right around the corner, and if you’re like most companies, you’ve got a sizable group of Millennials who are notoriously difficult to reach with benefits messages (which makes them notoriously unaware of the great benefits you offer, too).

So this year, why not try something different? With a few deliberate tweaks to your communication strategy, you can activate your Millennial employees and get them to pay attention and take action. Join Omar Muniz from Jellyvision for this lively, hour-long webinar where he’ll share 7 tips for making your open enrollment Millennial-friendly. Specifically, Omar will tell you how to:

• Make the most of the technology already available to your communications team
• Personalize your open enrollment messages to make them more relevant to all your employees
• Leverage “social proof” by building a campaign around Millennial testimonials
• Be strategic about your visual content
• And more!

Key Speakers

Lynn Gresham
Moderator: Contributing Editor Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser
David Daskal
Benefits Communication Expert ALEX by Jellyvision