Ben admin and the new normal

60 Minutes
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Are you prepared for HR’s new normal? Moving faster to a digital world spurred by recent events can further boost employee engagement and resiliency and introduce new options for providing benefits during uncertain times.

Returning to work post COVID-19, your company is entering a new normal. Disruptive events from pandemics to regulatory updates change the way you interact with your employees and how you handle HR communications. Most workforces realize they may need to work differently now, and the need to further engage employees to be ready, resilient and productive is critical.

During this session, you will learn how you can help your workforce manage disruptive event transitions by leveraging technology to foster connections.

We will also touch on how new health plan options such as ICHRAs may begin a shift in benefit packages and what technology you will need to address this new landscape.

Please join Workpartners VP & eBenefits President, Kismet Toksu, and compliance expert Mark Sappir as they share their take on how benefit administration technology can enable your company to be both disruption-ready and ICHRA-ready.

Key Speakers
  • Kismet Toksu
    Kismet Toksu
  • Mark Sappir
    Mark Sappir
    Manager, Compliance, eBenefits
  • Alyssa Place

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