Breaking the up-and-down cycle of employee engagement

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Open enrollment season is here, and the need to make crucial benefits decisions has employees highly engaged in your benefits offering. But what happens after they enroll?
After the big decisions are made, employers often see a significant drop in employee engagement and attention. And that means employees aren’t making the most of your awesome benefits program. It also means they’ll have to be re-educated and engaged all over again next open enrollment season.

Let’s break the cycle! With the right approach, you can keep growing employee engagement—and ultimately, maximize your Health Savings Account (HSA) program—all year long.

During this web seminar, you’ll learn:
- A new, more effective approach to employee education around benefits and HSAs
- How to apply this approach to increase engagement with your HSA program all year—not just during open enrollment
- Decision-support tools and resources you can use to guide your employees’ decision-making

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Mian Speakers
  • Kevin Robertson
    Kevin Robertson
    Kevin Robertson, SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, HSA Bank, a division of Webster Bank, N.A.
  • December 3