No-cost degrees: Decoding the workforce education trend

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More and more organizations are offering employees a path to a cost-free degree. They recognize education’s powerful appeal to help recruit, retain and develop employees.

  • Lack of career development has been the top turnover factor for nine straight years. (Work Institute, 2019)

But launching a no-cost degree program for your company involves navigating complex decisions. This webinar will help answer those questions, drawing on insight from learning leader Kimo Kippen and case studies of no-cost degree programs launched by Bright Horizons clients.

You’ll learn:
- Why no-cost degree programs are compelling for so many employees
- How to design a program to fit your employee demographics and your talent needs
- Best practices and pitfalls when selecting education partners and financial models

You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap for creating a successful education benefit that convinces more candidates to join and more top performers to stay.

Key Speakers