Does it ever feel like you’re sending emails into an empty void? Are your employees more engaged with their smartphones than with your meticulously thought-out 54-page open enrollment presentation deck? Have you started to think of your OE postcards as…future trash?


If so, join us for this one-of-a-kind open enrollment communication boot camp.

Benefits communication expert/friendly drill sergeant Lacy Campbell will share a dozen simple, battle-tested tips you can put into effect right away to make your benefits guides, presentations, emails and other content more engaging, helpful, and easy for your employees to digest. In addition, she will explain how thinking of your communications approach as a mini-advertising campaign can help you get your employees to care more about what you're sharing with them—and, most importantly, get them to act.

You’ll learn:
∙ The 3 most important guiding principles to keep in mind when crafting your communication strategy
∙ 6 tips for improving your benefits guide
∙ 6 tips for improving your benefits presentations
∙ And much more!

Key Speakers

Bruce Shutan
Freelance writer, Managing editor EBN and EBA, moderator
Lacy Campbell
Benefits Communication Expert, Senior Writer, Jellyvision