Protecting employee privacy

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Identity theft is a major issue for both employers and employees. Big corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses need to be concerned because while employees are typically the ones who suffer the stolen identity, work data is very often accessed or stored by employees through accounts with passwords, phones and laptops, etc. Employers who don't help protect employees identity proactively and also help those who do suffer an identity theft can expect a higher rate of compromised business information, as well as lost employee productivity. More than half of benefit advisers now receive regular requests from clients for new benefits to provide ID theft protection for their workers.

This webinar will explore: What are the best practices? What should employers and employees do -- and not do? We'll ask Will Lynch, CEO of Cybersecurity Risk, and Mitch Tanenbaum, CEO of CyberCecurity.

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Key Speakers
  • Kayla Webster is an associate editor of Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser.
    September 25
  • CEO, Cybersecurity Risk
    October 30
  • CEO, CyberCecurity
    October 30
  • Benefits Account Executive, ID Experts
    October 30