Removing the burden of concern: guiding members to the right treatment with virtual care

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Whether facing a complex medical condition, questioning an existing diagnosis, or deciding on the right treatment, the interaction with a physician and a recommendation from a leading expert can make all the difference.

However, physician shortages and burnout are constraining this type of access to care – leaving patients to navigate the complex healthcare landscape alone, or worse, not seek care at all.

In this webinar, hear from Dr. Heather Towery, Vice President of Clinical Strategy at Teladoc Health, as she unpacks how virtual care – as the new front door to healthcare – can deliver the most value and the best health outcomes by bringing focus and presence back to the physician/patient relationship.

Key Speakers
  • Dr. Heather Towery
    Dr. Heather Towery
    Vice President of Clinical Strategy at Teladoc Health
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News