Tis the season for holiday giving, including festive and good-natured “white elephant” gift exchanges. The term white elephant refers to an extravagant but burdensome gift that cannot be easily disposed of … sort of like the Affordable Care Act has been to employers.
Recently, President Trump signed an executive order to expand purchasing power for small businesses and reduce ACA regulations; he also made waves by withdrawing key insurer subsidies that some analysts say will lead to premium increases.

So in time for the holidays, we need to address the white elephant in the room – specifically: What do employers do with ACA now?

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  • Specifically what the executive order means, and how it will affect the employer-sponsored benefits market
  • Potential ripple effects for employers and consumers from the withdrawal of the insurer subsidies
  • Expert analysis and advice on ACA compliance for 2018.

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Key Speakers

Rae Shanahan
EVP Engagement & Excellence, Businessolver
Angel Hower
ACA Product Lead, Businessolver
Ben Conley
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Attorney