Trending now: Using analytics to manage the dynamic COVID-19 situation

45 Minutes
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Just as the world's response to the pandemic has been shaped by analytics, your company's response to managing employee health in 2021 and beyond must be shaped by powerful analytics as well. Employers cannot use a one-and-done approach given the situation is evolving and persistent.

These are times like no other. So, what should we do?
An ongoing evaluation and use of data can help you anticipate changing behavior and guide you through challenging decisions.

Attendees will learn:
• The three must-do strategies to mitigate employee COVID-19 risk
• How other companies are using data to manage COVID-19 response
• Preliminary findings from studies of 10 employers
• How to measure COVID-19 risk with other seasonal conditions like the flu and pneumonia as Fall approaches

Health and wellness
Key Speakers
  • Rani Aravamudhan
    Rani Aravamudhan
    Chief Medical Officer, Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS)
  • Elliott Kass use
    Elliot M. Kass
    Editor-at-Large, Information Management