What benefits leaders actually want and how brokers and consultants can help

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HR and Benefits leaders are focused on improving employee productivity, health, and satisfaction. They rely on data to provide key insights, and they place a high priority on speed, accuracy, and trustworthy partners. Most large organizations partner with consultants and brokers to provide them with solutions to their challenges, and expert advisors must continue to evolve with the changing benefits landscape in order to deliver innovative solutions to clients.

This webcast will focus on original research from Artemis Health that illuminates the motivations, expectations, and goals of HR and Benefits leaders. The results paint an interesting picture of the challenges large organizations face, what they need to be competitive, and how consultants and brokers fit into their strategy.

In this webcast, you will learn:
● What benefits leaders are most concerned about
● How benefits leaders are using data to improve employee satisfaction
● Tactics for benefits advisors to better serve their large employer clients

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