When work balances life: Managing mental health in the workforce

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Existing stigma around mental health combined with a lack of guidance toward supportive resources is leaving many important problems unsolved. There’s often a disconnect between employees and the benefits that can help them, but it’s particularly alarming when said benefits could improve the mental well-being of those suffering in silence.

Poor mental health has detrimental effects on workplace engagement, productivity, and the rising cost of healthcare. So how can employers cultivate a workplace culture that increases awareness and encourages employees to engage with the digital solutions they don’t even know are available to them? Prashant Srivastava of Evive and Sarah Pedersen of Big Health share their thoughts on overcoming these challenges and more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
● How employers can improve employee mental health
● The key to driving employees to relevant solutions, even in a complex benefits ecosystem
● The impacts these tactics can have on the bottom line

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