Why your organization needs a comprehensive COVID-19 approach

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Even before state governors across the country issued stay-at-home orders, many large and mid-sized employers began to respond to the emerging COVID-19 crisis. HR teams mobilized to help their people stay healthy at home, adjust to a virtual workplace, and know what to do in the event they experience symptoms.
Waiving co-pays for COVID-19 testing, providing home delivery of maintenance medications, and offering telemedicine services are a few ways employers are responding. These measures are critical to address the direct impact of COVID-19 on employees and their families.
But there are indirect impacts of COVID-19 that present risks to the health and well-being of your member population:
· People may be afraid to go to the doctor for any medical need as a result of the epidemic.
· Members could face difficulty accessing primary or chronic care during the crisis.
· The disruption, uncertainty and stress of the times can risk the emotional health of people throughout your population.

The good news? Employers can address both the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 with a comprehensive approach to employee health and benefits. Join us on April 28 for a live webcast and Q&A with Accolade Chief Medical Officer Shantanu Nundy, MD, about what it means to take a comprehensive approach in the time of COVID-19 and how employers can do it.

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  • Shantanu Nundy
    Shantanu Nundy
    April 2
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    Lynn Gresham
    July 12