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The robust jobs market has continued to hold fast, but there are some parts of the country where opportunities aren’t as widely available. Finance website WalletHub evaluated cities with some of the best and worst opportunities for work.

In order to determine the best and worst job markets in the U.S., WalletHub analysts compared 182 U.S. cities — the 150 most populated cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state — across two key dimensions: “job market” and “socio-economic environment.” The personal-finance website assigned heavier weight to the former as the factors in that category most heavily influence a job seeker’s decision in terms of relocation for employment.

The job market ranking, comprising 80 points total, included a number of data points on job opportunities, employment growth and job securities. The socioeconomic portion, totaling 20 points, included data on median annual incomes, workplace accessibility and housing affordability.

The following cities ranked lowest on WalletHub’s list — and can provide employers in these areas the opportunity to boost benefit offerings and keep the best talent. The full report can be seen here.
10. Detroit
Total score: 42.19
Job market rank (out of 182): 161
Socio-economic rank (out of 182): 180
9. North Las Vegas, Nevada
Total score: 41.77
Job market rank: 178
Socio-economic rank: 137
8. Fresno, California
Total score: 41.76
Job market rank: 176
Socio-economic rank: 159
7. Stockton, California
Total score: 41.30
Job market rank: 170
Socio-economic rank: 176
6. Brownsville, Texas
Brownsville Texas.jpg
Brownsville is located at the southernmost tip of Texas, on the northern bank of the Rio Grande, directly north and across the border from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Total score: 41.25
Job market rank: 177
Socio-economic rank: 156
5. Shreveport, Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA downtown skyline over the river.
Total score: 40.64
Job market rank: 171
Socio-economic rank: 179
4. Toledo, Ohio
Major usa city; recreational destination; famous usa city; metropolitan area; tourist city, park in middle of downtown
Total score: 40.56
Job market rank: 179
Socio-economic rank: 170
3. Newark, New Jersey
7. Newark.jpg
Assorted cars passing a downtown area of office buildings along State Highway 21 in Newark, NJ. aRGB profile.
Total score: 39.01
Job market rank: 180
Socio-economic rank: 152
2. Las Cruces, New Mexico
Total score: 38.88
Job market rank: 182
Socio-economic rank: 100
1. Fayetteville, North Carolina
The Hay Street United Methodist Church was built in 1908.
Total score: 36.91
Job market rank: 181
Socio-economic rank: 174