Time tracking tools can help employers monitor employee workloads, manage work shifts and approve time-off requests. With the holiday season about to go full speed, these are a few time management platforms on the radar of EBN editors employers can partner with to better engage worker’s leave, and are presented in alphabetical order.
BiznusSoft allows HR to customize their HCM with their organization’s leave policies and regulatory compliance requirements. Employees are then able to log in and request or track their paid time off.
2. Cake.PNG
CakeHR’s software — which manages employee time off and attendance — can be accessed by desktop, tablet or mobile device. Managers can also approve or decline employee vacation requests through e-mail.
Employers can create custom policies to track and manage employee time-off, and can be used in parallel with Sapling’s calendar integrations for a comprehensive view across the organization.
StarGarden lets workers request time off through the online leave request system. Managers can then approve the requests, and once they receive the greenlight, the leave information is reflected in scheduling tool and in payroll.
5. Zoho.PNG
Zoho allows employees to see how much leave they've taken, how much remains, and apply for time off from the web or their mobile devices. The program also helps employers in calculating leave entitlements, PTO, rollovers, and accruals