Oracle’s Day by Day app helps retain employees who may be ready to quit

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Oracle’s Day by Day enterprise analytic app is the latest HCM module to help managers intercept employees before they give notice.

The app, which launched in May and is available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play, leverages Oracle’s predictive analytics engine and machine learning to automate HR executives’ and managers’ daily tasks, such as delivering headcount reports at a certain time each week. Over time, Day by Day learns what managers and HR executives need and automates those requests using data, such as paid time off, within the HCM system.

But since its launch, Day by Day has been collecting an ongoing stream of data and user history, such as how long since an employee last took vacation or if his or her peers are getting bigger salary increases than they are. The data is all fed into Oracle’s HCM system and, using an algorithm, can pick up on when a manager, for example, might be feeling overworked and ready to look for another job.

Oracle’s HCM module can then act as an “early warning system” that notifies the employer if the employee is likely to quit and offer recommendations to increase retention.

The algorithm is continually learning.

“We look at about 200 different factors and bubble that up to say, ‘This person is likely to be a top performer’ or ‘This person is likely to leave the organization,’” says Gretchen Alarcon, group vice president for Oracle’s human capital management strategy. “If the system predicts that someone will leave and they don’t, you’ll say, ‘Oh these factors must not apply as much in this situation,’ so it will recalibrate. We can actually pull other data up to see this relates and is impactful in the organization.”

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Oracle did not disclose how many of its clients are using Day by Day and said it would be very difficult to determine how many employers are using just that app within the greater HCM system.

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