Tech innovator spotlight: Marnie Vaughan

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Marnie Vaughan has used technology in her role as global benefits manager at Severn Trent Services, in everything from sharing benefits information to introducing the company’s wellness program last year.

During the wellness program’s first year, 350 out of 1,920 benefit-eligible employees participated, and participation increased exponentially in 2016. In partnership with Health Advocate, Vaughan also created an interactive wellness rewards program and website for employees to access the latest wellness information.

Vaughan is the recipient of a Dig|Benefits Technology Innovator Award, a program designed to recognize visionaries who are driving technology innovation in the employee benefits space. Winners were honored recently at the Dig|Benefits conference in Austin, Tex.

Vaughan also implemented Alex® — an interactive benefits communication platform that explains everything from open enrollment to retirement benefits — in 2011, which yielded high utilization reports for Severn’s employees. She also continually engages employees through social media and email campaigns with relevant benefits information and tips for healthier living.

“The promise that the exponential proliferation of technology holds to transform our world over the next 10 years is truly exciting. In the employee benefits space, this manifests itself in everything from interactive communications and personalized tools that engage employees in understanding how their health insurance works to mobile technologies that provide access to key just-in-time information like pharmacy formularies, pricing transparency and quality metrics,” Vaughan says. “All of these empower individuals to make effective decisions, advocate for themselves and strive toward optimal health and financial outcomes.

“Even more importantly,” she says, “the opportunity of emerging technologies to provide targeted and impactful support for those managing chronic and serious health conditions will be transformative to workforce health and productivity.”

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