Ximble adds time tracking service to suite

Employers who are skeptical of employee-reported time sheets might want to look to a new time tracking service that records GPS and IP locations and takes a photo of employees clocking in.

Nimble Software Systems has added time tracking to Ximble, its cloud-based workforce management system, to help employers cut down on gross payroll loses.

For up to $3 per employee per month, companies can have their employees clock in and out of the Ximble system by scanning a custom QR code or typing a PIN number on a mounted iPad in the office or logging into the system via desktop or mobile app, says Peter Swaniker, founder and CEO of the California-based company.

“Our system allows you to clock in by text message and by phone call,” he says. “You can set up authorized numbers that they can call from.”

Under the $2 to $3 plans, employers have access to photo clocking, which verifies that the employee himself clocked in.

In workplaces like clinics and restaurants, 19% of workers admit to “buddy clocking” – employees clocking in for each other – which accounts for 2% of gross payroll losses, according to Nucleus Research.

The service, which also tracks where the employee reports from, aims to limit those losses, says Swaniker.

“We allow you to lock down that address,” he says.

The cloud-based system, which leverages Microsoft Azure, manages about 50,000 employees of 2,500 paid employers and 5,500 employers on a free trial.

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