Selling young employees on the benefits of life insurance

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Ensuring your employees pay attention to all the benefit choices available to them can be a challenge, especially for offerings that people feel don’t apply. One of the most overlooked is life insurance – especially among younger employees.

They will often ask: Why do I need life insurance? It’s not like they’re married and have a family to worry about. Their biggest concern is probably making the perfect Spotify road trip playlist. But life insurance isn’t just for their parents and other “adults.” Despite what they may think, there are a variety of advantages in starting to think about it now.

Here are some of the main benefits to stress when speaking to your younger employees about the importance of life insurance.

Life Insurance Is Cheap...For Now

For the young and healthy, life insurance costs less than their monthly Starbucks bill. We’re talking under $20 a month in some cases (terms and conditions will vary, of course). The older they get, or the more wear and tear they put on their body, the more expensive and difficult it becomes to obtain. So tell them to get in early while the getting is good and they can still afford it.

In Sickness And In Health...

While they’re healthy today, there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring. And if they unfortunately get seriously ill, their medical costs will soar. If the condition becomes terminal, those medical bills might not magically disappear, eating into the assets they leave behind and perhaps even carrying over to their family.

They could cover their own debts

If they’ve taken out a loan (car, college, etc.) and had a family member co-sign the agreement, that family member is on the hook if the unthinkable happens. At a time when student debt has reached epic proportions, a life insurance policy could cover their debts.

You May Not Be Single Forever

Maybe the employee doesn’t have a family yet so it’s hard to imagine. Maybe he or she never needed anyone to cosign a loan. But things can happen quickly. They may find themselves in a relationship with responsibilities they hadn’t anticipated on that road trip. By having life insurance now, they can appreciate the benefits so that when kids and family responsibilities come along they will rest easy knowing they’ll be taken care of properly.

When it comes to life insurance, too soon is just soon enough.

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