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Work-life blending has produced a whole new set of challenges for employees and employers. At all times of day there is a mix of work and life tasks that often demand to be performed in opposition or simultaneously. Today's busy workforce needs realistic benefits that solve day-to-day challenges and maximize convenience. With the goal of helping employees destress, focus and make life easier, more and more companies are turning to the new time-saving employee benefit of errand running services.

Corporate-sponsored errand runners create a fantastic perk for employers to promote productivity and handle the pesky demands of home life. There is direct ROI in helping employees and their families regain time and sanity: improving retention, engagement and productivity certainly come to mind. So put away the Segways and ping pong tables, and offer a benefit employees will actually use.

What is errand running?
From dry cleaning and grocery shopping to pet sitting and postal services, errand runners take care of employees' personal to-dos to help save time and alleviate stress. Instead of spending weekends at Costco or scrambling to mail a package on the drive home, errand runners take care of life's never-ending to-dos.

Why use errand running?
Errand running programs can be used for any personal need or errand. Examples include things like meal delivery, prescription pick-up, personal shopping, pet care and dry cleaning.

How does errand running work?
The best errand running services are able to receive requests by phone, email, website and mobile app. Errand runners then complete the request and the employee's credit card is charged for any goods or services purchased during the errand.

Is errand running safe?
Errand runners should be fully background-checked, insured and bonded, with strict guidelines in place to ensure the privacy and security of employee information and possessions in all communications and transactions.

What are people saying?
“Now, I’m not taking valuable time out of the office to run errands, which is what happened previously. Additionally, these errands are not cutting into my home life, and family time is THE most valuable way I like to spend my free time. This is the best thing about my job!”

“The errand runners researched the U.S. citizenship process for myself and my family. We concluded from their detailed report that we must wait two years to apply. I can’t tell you how helpful and how much time it saved. It was amazing!”

The feedback, actual quotes from errand running provider Leverage Concierge, speaks for itself, and it won’t be a surprise at all to see this kind of service blow up in the world of employee benefits. Management and brokers alike should be sure to get on the bus before it’s too late.

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