2017’s 10 best lists
Over the course of 2017, employers were eager to learn ways to boost retirement engagement and what trends are taking over the benefit industry. Over the course of the year, these were some of the most popular lists compiled by EBN based on pageviews.
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1. 20 companies with the best benefits
Healthcare and retirement benefits have become basic benefit staples, while ping-pong tables and bagel Fridays are some fun perks. These following employers provide workers benefits that move from basic to legendary.

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2. 25 companies that pay the best wages
Workplace peer-review Web site Glassdoor provided its latest report revealing that several companies are offering employees six-figure paychecks, including commissions, tips, bonuses, etc.

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3. 10 LinkedIn red flags to watch for with potential new hires
Many potential employees equate LinkedIn profiles to digital resumes, but there are a number of negative red flags employers, including benefits firms, should look out for. Several experts at Young Entrepreneur Council, an organization of business founders younger than 40, give advice on the warning signs on the profiles of your potential recruits.

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4. 11 benefits workers want
A strong job market is putting pressure on employers to attract the best and brightest workers. And benefits can play a big role in luring top talent. While there has been a shift in the “cool” and extensive amenities coming from the tech titans in Silicon Valley, generous health and retirement plans are still the most desired benefits for many.

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An elderly couple walk arm-in-arm past an outdoor cafe terrace in Edinburgh, U.K., on Wednesday, July 31, 2013. The latest opinion polls show supporters of Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond's campaign for independence lagging behind those in favor of the status quo by more than 20 percentage points ahead of the Sept.18, 2014, referendum. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg
5. 10 worst cities for retirement
As older employees prepare for retirement, considerations about where to spend their golden years is paramount. To help with that decision, workers might want to consider research from financial website WalletHub — which uses metrics such as life expectancy, recreational opportunities and the availability of physicians and home healthcare facilities — to pick the best and worst places to retire.

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6. 25 best-paying jobs in the U.S.
As salary continues to be a major driver in attraction and retention efforts for employers, keeping up to date with current market values is essential. Glassdoor released its third annual list of the best-paying jobs in the U.S., offering employers insight into present market values.

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7. Top 10 health conditions costing employers the most
As healthcare costs continue to rise, more employers are looking at ways to target those costs. One step they are taking is looking at what health conditions are hitting their pocketbooks the hardest.

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8. 29 jobs with the best work-life balance
Employees are putting more and more on their plates, making it challenging to remove themselves from work to get a recharge. These 29 jobs, however, break the mold and allow workers to find the time to unwind.

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9. 10 HR tech companies to watch
Digital technologies are transforming human resources, and forward-thinking employers are increasing employee engagement and productivity through the adoption of new tools for human capital management.

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10. 10 best cities for retirement
Remember those worst cities showcased earlier? Here are WalletHub’s cities leading the country in retirement options for workers.

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