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4 ways benefits have changed in the last 4 years
Leap Day — which falls on Monday, Feb. 29 — might be a good excuse to celebrate an extra day of the year or to turn the tables and propose marriage to your man if you’re a woman, per tradition, but it’s also a good excuse to look at employer-offered benefits and how they’ve changed since the last Leap Day. At least that’s what consulting firm Compdata thought when it examined data from Benefits USA 2011/2012 and Benefits USA 2015/2016 to see how employer benefits plan have changed in the past four years.

“Most HR professionals are well-versed in looking at data year-to-year,” says Amy Kaminski, vice president, Compdata surveys & consulting. “However, looking at long-term trends can sometimes give you a better pulse on whether or not your organization is ahead of the competition when it comes to offering competitive employment packages.”

Here are four ways employee benefit plans have changed since the last leap year.