5 HR tools to manage payroll services

Payroll management tools aim to help human resources professionals with a number of compensation tasks, including calculating wages, managing budgets, paying employees and filing taxes. EBN editors have identified some of the market’s payroll-software platforms and present them in alphabetical order.
4. Netchex.PNG


Netchex offers HR managers flexible pay options which include direct deposits, live checks and Mastercard debit cards. The software also provides quarterly online tax statements and W-2 previews, along with electronic IRS filing options.
2. Patriot Software.PNG

Patriot Payroll

Patriot Payroll allows HR managers to issue payrolls through direct bank deposits and electronic checks. The software offers personalized portals for employees to access payroll and related financial information. Meanwhile, the tool’s reporting functionality helps employees generate year-end reports and print W-2 forms for tax reporting.
3. Planday.PNG


Planday allows managers to oversee employee hours, vacation requests, shift-swaps, payroll and employee communication. Employers can copy schedules week after week, rather than manually creating them each time. The tool’s comprehensive overview of employee shifts allows HR managers to optimize schedules to avoid overstaffing and excessive payroll costs.
4. SyncHR.PNG


SyncHR automates tax configuration based on work location and/or employee addresses, and leverages GPS coordinates to even extend down to local taxes. Additionally, the software processes payroll transactions based on date ranges rather than limiting to sequential batches.
5. Vivientium.PNG


Viventium allows employers to search and view pay history by check date, period end or worked date. The application also lets employers reprint paystubs, automatically deduct union fees and apply 401(k) – 403(b) deductions with any employer match.