Slideshow 5 things millennials look for from a workplace

  • July 20 2016, 10:31am EDT
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5 things millennials look for from a workplace

Millennials are flooding the job market and now make up one-third of the U.S. workforce, making it imperative for employers to attract and retain younger talent. But that can be tricky, since millennials often are looking for unconventional benefits.

Offering the perquisites listed here can help. According to Staples Advantage Workplace Index, these are five things that the millennial generation consistently looks for from an employer.

1. Flexible work schedules.

It’s no secret that the contemporary workforce is demanding more flexibility at work, and millennials are a big part of this push. Millennials say more flexibility will improve their happiness (49%) and their productivity (59%), according to the index. Additionally, more than half of millennials report they work from home after the standard workday is done, compared to only 39% of all U.S. office workers.

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2. An eco-friendly workplace.

Eco-friendly practices aren’t just good for the environment; they’re good for recruiting younger workers to your company. Half of all millennials say an eco-friendly workplace is an important factor when considering their job opportunities. In comparison, 35% of all workers say the same.

3. A well-stocked breakroom.

A well-supplied breakroom leads to happier employees (57%), less stress (35%), more productive workers (35%) and a more social environment (33%). “Having a kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks can help encourage employees to take a break to refresh and recharge, which improves productivity and decreases stress,” says John Burke, Staples’ senior vice president and chief culture officer.

4. Job-site perks.

Millennials place a great deal of value on job-site perks like free lunches and on-site gyms. One in five (21%) define a good working environment as a place that offers incentives and perks, and nearly half (46%) say more office perks would improve their happiness.

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5. Strong leadership and consistent feedback.

Less perk and more culture, but millennials — more than any other generation — are looking for strong relationships with their bosses. One in five millennials report that it’s their direct boss who’s their motivator-in-chief, and over a third (35%) note that strong leadership defines a good work culture. Feedback from the boss is also important to this generation. Nearly one-third of millennials (28%) say feeling appreciated contributes to their loyalty, and 26 percent say recognition motivates them to do their best at work.