5 time management software platforms to follow

Time tracking tools can help employers monitor employee workloads, manage work shifts and approve time-off requests. While there are a number of vendors on the market, these providers captured the attention of EBN editors and are presented in alphabetical order.
1. Branch.PNG

Branch Messenger

Branch’s software lets employers broadcast open shifts to get them filled immediately, with either full or partial coverage, via a mobile app. In addition, employers can add settings that require shift changes between workers to be approved by management.
2. Cake.PNG


CakeHR’s software — which manages employee time off and attendance — can be accessed by desktop, tablet or mobile device. Managers can also approve or decline employee vacation requests through email.
3. Calamari.PNG


Calamari works with Bluetooth iBeacons technology — which are small battery-powered devices — signaling a location to nearby phones. After getting the signal from the device, the Calamari app recognizes if an employee is in the office or not. The software also will notify managers about late or unexpected absences and other possible abuses.
4. ISolved.PNG


iSolved’s software allows managers to create boundaries, called fences, and get alerts when employees clock in or out of the designated boundaries. Management also can collect and process timesheets through iSolved’s platform.
5. Push.PNG

Push Operations

Push automatically compares employees’ clock times against scheduled time, flagging issues like overtime. Push also allows managers to approve employee hours via desktop or mobile app.