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5 software providers for employee recognition
Employers have long looked to motivate workers through recognition of their achievements. Now new digital tools are available to help organizations implement, manage and track such programs. What follows is a list of five recognition-software platform vendors that have caught the eye of the EBN editors. They are listed in alphabetical order.
2. Bucketlist.PNG
HR managers can use the Bucketlist platform to track employee engagement, satisfaction and other performance metrics. The tool offers a catalog of rewards to recognize staff successes, and also allows human resource to create customized awards.
Through the Highground platform, HR managers can empower workers to choose rewards that are relevant to them, including non-monetary, monetary and creative cultural rewards tailored to the company. Further, Highground allows HR to Measure recognition interaction data with benchmarking and pulse survey results to identify how recognition impacts your engagement scores.
Qarrot helps make employee recognition easy, fun and effective for small to mid-sized organizations by providing a complete solution including peer-to-peer recognition, goal-based incentive campaigns, milestone (anniversary) awards and a social activity feed.
Small Improvements.PNG
Small Improvements
Through Small Improvement’s Praise platforms, HR managers are given a number of avenues to shower workers with recognition, such as through Gmail and Slack. Additionally, Praise uses customizable badges to allow managers to be more specific in their kudos while also adding a bit of extra flair and brand values.
Xexec gives employers a platform to offer a number of recognition practices for employees, including peer-to-peer feedback. Through Xexec, managers also can have the autonomy to recognize achievements within their team through an instant-reward program — through either point- or cash-based awards.