Seven signs your rockstar employee is eyeing the door
Time and money have gone into hiring the perfect employee for your business, but you may be missing the clues that they are “looking for new opportunities.” Mindflash notes several signs that might be noticeable at first, although it’s imperative not to miss them, because “even if they're looking around, it's not a sure thing that they're ready to leave you just yet.” Talking to your employee before the decision is made can give you a higher advantage of retention. (Photo credit: Fotolia)
Reduced Productivity
An employee that begins to slack off, miss deadlines and turn in sloppy work may very well be disenchanted with the work and is already starting to form an exit plan. One possible solution is to schedule a friendly sit-down meeting to ask questions and find out ways to resolve the problem. (Photo credit: Fotolia)
Nicer Dresser
Your office dress code is rather casual, and employees typically show up wearing jeans. However, the employee that has begun showing up the past two weeks in dress slacks and sporting the occasional tie has the high possibility of going on interviews with another company. (Photo credit: Fotolia)
When a usually straight-arrow employee is taking a high number of personal calls and covering his mouth when talking on the phone … or just generally acting suspiciously … it may be a sign that he or she is talking to another employer. While one or two incidents isn’t a cause for alarm, a continued behavior should start to raise some concerns. (Photo credit: Fotolia)
Changes in Work Ethic
When punctuality, focus and hard work go out the door, it could be a sign your employee might be looking for a new gig. The complaining and change in work ethic are meant to clue you in that he or she is unhappy with the current employee-employer situation and feels they can find a better job. (Photo credit: Fotolia)
Abnormal Requests for Time Off
When your employee is taking more sick days than usual, but doesn’t show the slightest inkling of having ever been sick, leaving early or coming up late, it’s a potential sign that (s)he is increasingly disengaged and preparing to leave for a new job — especially if (s)he is trying to use up the rest of their sick leave and PTO for fear it will go unused. (Photo credit: Fotolia)
Big Life Changes
Big life events such as divorce, marriage, illness, death and birth could all be signs of an imminent departure. It may be worthwhile to sit down and talk about your employee’s future plans as well as to set up some short- and long-term solutions to any emergency events that might come up. (Photo credit: Fotolia)
Decreased Interaction With Other Employees
When your most outgoing employee becomes increasingly silent and isolated, it could be yet another sign that (s)he is not happy with their current position. Although personalities do vary from person to person, you can still use general social activity as a litmus test for an employee’s job satisfaction. (Photo credit: Fotolia)