You’ve texted your Millennial employees about pet insurance, emailed Gen Xers about dependent care FSAs, and talked to Boomers face to face about retirement planning – but they still aren’t engaged in your benefit plans. What gives?

As with most things in employee benefits, it’s never quite as simple or cut and dried as we think. Our expert speakers will help you decode generational differences and find the answer to: What do employees want?

Join this free one hour-session to learn:

  • What Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers really want from their benefits.
  • Communication approaches to effectively target each generation.
  • The one component your benefits strategy needs to engage employees of all ages.

Key Speakers

Rae Shanahan
EVP Engagement & Excellence, Businessolver
Cam Marston
President & Owner Generational Insights
Susan Lowe
Director of Benefits Sephora
Carol Harnett
Independent Benefits Consultant/Author/Speaker