What parents and HR pros need to know about child ID theft

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When parents think about protecting their children from online threats, identity theft doesn’t immediately come to mind. But perhaps it should. Because for identity thieves, children can be the perfect mark. While adults may be targeted by thieves to access the money in existing accounts, a child represents a different kind of opportunity--a clean slate for opening new lines of credit that may not be detected until years down the road. And children of all ages are vulnerable. What does this mean to employers?

As employees and their families become more digitally dependent, identity theft protection is becoming increasingly important. The internet is an incredible resource for children to learn, communicate, and entertain themselves, but it can expose them to both virtual and real-world dangers including identity theft. And, if a child’s identity is stolen, then the employee will likely be the one who will need to clean up any issues, which may cause stress and take focus away from their job.

In this webinar, for employers and brokers, we will discuss:
1. The potential impact of identity theft on children at every age from birth to tween years to the young adults starting out on their own
2. Ways cybercriminals can find and exploit children’s personal identifiable information and steps parents can take to help better protect their children
3. How the stress of identity theft—whether it’s the employee’s or their child’s—can become a professional problem
4. How today’s identity theft protection services have expanded to include additional protection for children

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Key Speakers
  • Jason Steed
    Jason Steed
    Vice President of Sales & Partner Development, Equifax Employee Benefits Services
  • Deborah Paini
    Deborah Paini
    VP, Strategic Partnerships
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News