The ROI of caregiving benefits: How employers win when they support caregivers and employees with disabilities

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According to a new Voya Cares® whitepaper on caregivers and employees with disabilities, employers will incur billions in hidden costs due to lost productivity, increased turnover, and legal liabilities.

Caregivers and employees with disabilities are high value workers with unique and important skill sets; and yet without their employer’s support, these employees will struggle to bring their best selves to work and will resort to family leave, reduced work hours, and eventually resign.

Join Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO of Wellthy, Eileen Roach, Partnership Manager of Wellthy, and Karen Lavariere-Sanchez, Sales Engagement Consultant of Voya Cares, as they discuss:
● The complexities that caregivers and employees with disabilities face in the workplace
● Caregiving’s impact on employees’ finances and wellbeing
● The hidden cost for employers
● The ROI of caregiving benefits

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Key Speakers
  • Lindsay Jurist-Rosner
    Lindsay Jurist-Rosner
    CEO, Wellthy
  • Eileen Roach - Headshot.jpg
    Eileen Roach
    Partnership Manager, Wellthy
  • Karen Lavariere-Sanchez - Headshot.jpg
    Karen Lavariere-Sanchez
    Sales Engagement Consultant, Voya Cares
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Employee Benefits expert