30 benefits pros to follow on Twitter

  • March 24 2017, 9:50pm EDT

Who to follow on Twitter

With more than 313 million active users in 2016, Twitter can be a great resource for both selling and learning about the benefits industry. EBA has selected 30 must-follow people across the entire industry to help you in your business.

Editor’s note: User name, Twitter handle and bio are all directly from Twitter. EBA editors did not make grammar and spelling adjustments. The following are presented in random order.

Jeff Yaniga


Chief Revenue Officer - Maestro Health - Employee Benefits Software #PrivateExchange Cleveland Sport Junkie, Cubs fan, dad.

Why Yaniga tweets:

"Twitter is a modern idea factory. It's gateway to people a lot smarter than me on topics I care most about."

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James Werner


dedicated, driven, future-focused, open-minded with occasional obstinance, fueled by fear of failure and consumed by the insatiable need to solve the problem

(Partner, Silicon Hills Wealth Management)

Carmen Perea


Employee Benefits Consultant (at Wraith Scarlett & Randolph Insurance Services Inc.)

Nancy Reardon


(Chief Product Officer), Maestro Health

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Janell Williams


employee benefits attorney-health & welfare plan compliance & consulting, happy mom of two, and @montanastatealumni.

Andrew Steen


Startups | Health sciences | Digital health | Some aging, logistics, food & stuff | Basically, I connect things.

Todd Shield


Regional Vice President, Petersen International Underwriters. 2016 President, International DI Society

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Angie Schmidt


(Senior Wellbeing Consultant at CBIZ)

Patricia Purdy


Global benefits strategist/advisor to large employers @pacres_benefits. Expertise in Life, Disability, Dental, Absence, Productivity. My tweets are mine alone.

Why Purdy uses Twitter:

“I use Twitter because I find it valuable for connecting with colleagues and thought leaders in order to share ideas. I also find it to be a great tool for keeping a finger on the pulse of our industry.”

Christina Merhar


ACA & Employee Benefits Nerd // Outdoor Enthusiast // Seattle Native // Content for @ZaneBenefits, the #1 online health benefits solution. Tweets are my own.

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Benjamin Pitts


Founder @myFinAnswers Husband, father, twin, West Point grad, UVa Darden School, normal guy http://linkedin.com/in/pittsben

Why Pitts uses Twitter:

"Twitter provides me with a stage from which to evangalize financial wellbeing for employees. Lots of benefits executives are trying to figure out what financial wellbeing is and how to deliver it. There is no better way to deliver our message to people who are looking for answers."

Nate Randall


Founder and President @UrsaMajorCo - Benefits and Healthcare Innovation Advocate - Formerly Tesla, Safeway, WaMu - http://www.ursamajor.consulting

Why Randall uses Twitter:

“We use Twitter as both an engagement platform and a meaningful tool to take the pulse of industry trends, research, thought-leaders, and new innovations and organizations in the benefits and employee experience space.”

Taryn Murtagh


Broker. Advisor. Benefits Consultant. I like to eat, drink and be merry. Repeat. Repeat. Run, bike, hike, ski, yoga, paddle board, travel and sarcasm.

(Employee benefits account executive at Brown & Brown)

Why Mautagh tweets:

"[It] serves as a platform for info exchange in a rapidly changing industry. Allows me to learn/adapt practices to help clients."

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Debi O'Donovan


Comentator, writer, speaker and connector in the reward & employee benefits community. Director of Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA) @REBA_global

Wendy Keneipp


Thinker, idea generator, solution creator, collaborator, entrepreneur, Partner/Coach, @Q4intelligence. Transforming insurance agencies into feared competitors.

(Partner, Q4intellegence)

David Fear


Live in Lincoln, CA (burb of Sac). Family man, LDS, BYU fan, owner of Fear Insurance Services.

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Brett Muehlbrad


Independent Insurance Broker - watch for Tweets on insurance, health care, employee benefits, medical trends, HR, personal finance, social media, etc

Dani Hubner


Social Media Marketing for @interactivehlth. Tidbits of health and wellness, marketing, design, CrossFit, running and life

Cerrina Jensen


Making sense of ACA. Delivering the very best in products, service, and software. 20 year insurance veteran employers can depend on, and trust.

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Tim Leman


CEO @GibsonInsurance an #ESOP company | @Inc5000 | Workforce & Risk Advisor | Author @rEvolBook and #WhatsTheRisk | @YPO & @YPOindiana

Marianne Halvorsen


Vice President | Insurance Broker & Consultant | Property & Casualty | Employee Benefits | International Markets

Natalie Dewhurst


HR & Support Team Leader @MercerWoking #HR #Socialmedia #WWT #Leadnotmanage #DiversityandInclusion #Footballmum Views my own & don't represent those of Mercer.

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Vinny Catalano


benefits broker extraordinaire, health reform resource, interior design enthusiast, supportive husband, renaissance man in the making.

Why Catalnao tweets:

"Primarily to educate and cast light on current healthcare related issues that affect everyone."

Suzanne Delbanco


Executive Director of Catalyst for Payment Reform

Melissa DeWeese


Group benefits broker, blogger, entrepreneur

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Toney Chimienti


MGA for Supplemental Insurance Plans. Internet based eligibility management of benefits for businesses & government agencies.

Kristi Bond


observer, action-taker. lover of coffee, mountains, books, beaches, technology, soirees. involved parent, avid reader, arts enthusiast. tweets are all me.

(Senior marketing manager at ThinkHR)

Bruce Broussard


President and CEO of Humana, proud father and avid cyclist

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Jennifer Arnold


Advise employers on creating cultures of wellness || Podcast host http://bit.ly/RDWpodcast || FREE Checklist of 67 Wellness Ideas

Tanya Boyd


Health Insurance & Benefits Specialist. Entrepreneur. The Intrigue. Insurance Angel. Office Janitor. Mom of 2. Wife of 1. Master of None.

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