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Gone are the days of annual, once-a-year employee performance reviews. HR managers now are creating a real-time environment where constant open communication is accessible between employees and upper management. They are doing so with the help of feedback platforms, which connects management to employees through continuous dialogue. There are a number of feedback tools on the market, but these five caught the eye of EBN editors; they are presented in alphabetical order.
BambooHR’s employee satisfaction software provides employees an anonymous avenue to provide management information and critiques without the fear of retaliation.
3. ClearCompany.PNG
ClearCompany gives employers the ability to provide unlimited peer-to-peer and year-round reviews between workers and management. In addition, the program offers completion tracking reports to ensure all reviews are done on time.
2. Impraise.PNG
Both workers and managers can use Impraise to send constructive feedback or positive recognition at any time, anonymously or openly. Additionally, the software’s dashboard gives managers an easy-access overview of personal growth to help set goals and train and develop necessary skills.
Nortek allows employers to track ongoing progress via regular updates from both employees and their managers. In addition, the software can automatically schedule periodic reviews, assign reviewers, update competencies and initiate compensation, promotion and training decisions.
3. Reflektive.PNG
Reflektive allows managers to save feedback directly from email, then review and share notes with employees through a one-on-one agenda and save private feedback for later conversations. The app also contains a “wall” where feedback can be shared directly from Outlook, Gmail, Slack and more to open communication and engagement.