HealthJoy launches instant coronavirus resources on their mobile app

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Access to fast and accurate updates about coronavirus are paramount as the pandemic continues to spread across the globe. HealthJoy, a centralized benefits platform driven by AI technology, has launched new resources in its mobile app to respond instantly to questions from its employer clients about the disease.

A coronavirus support card will include information directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding support and testing, as well as contact information to connect employer clients and their employees to live support from a healthcare concierge team.

“We began our planning for dedicated resources in early-February,” says Justin Holland, CEO of HealthJoy. “We’ve developed materials for HR departments to educate their employees on best practices in dealing with the virus. We also added information into our app so employees understand they can turn to us for help at any time.”

The company had been fielding a high volume of calls, fueled by fears and misinformation regarding the virus. There are currently over 3,770 known cases of the disease in the U.S. as of Monday morning, according to the CDC. There are more than 100,000 cases of the virus worldwide.

HealthJoy’s concierge team is expanding their telemedicine offerings by connecting members experiencing mild symptoms with a medical provider virtually through the platform.

The team will also help members find an in-person provider who can conduct testing and can even schedule an appointment on the member’s behalf. Online counseling via HealthJoy EAP or similar employer-provided programs are available to address anxiety and fear around the outbreak.

“Now, more than ever, employees should turn to telemedicine for appropriate treatment,” Holland says. “We also launched HealthJoy EAP. Finally, we can help our members find a provider, answer benefits questions, and be a resource for all their healthcare needs. At this time, the health systems are under increased stress, and receiving in-person care is not nearly as accessible.”

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