Horizon Media adds subsidized childcare benefit

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Horizon Media is now offering its 1,200 employees access to on-site childcare at the company’s New York location. The media agency, which has 2,000 employees spread between offices in New York and Los Angeles, is providing workers subsidized full-time care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, and fully subsidized emergency back-up care.

“This was one of the missing, yet essential, benefits that I am thrilled to be able to provide our committed parent employees,” says Eileen Benwitt, executive vice president and chief talent officer at Horizon Media.

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A relatively small number of employers provide childcare. According to data from the Society for Human Resource Management, only 4% of employers offer a subsidized child care center or program benefit to workers. Large employers including Nike, American Express and USAA, all offer the benefit to employees.

Horizon’s new offering is provided by Vivvi, a child care benefit provider that works with employers. Last month, Vivvi added another media agency, Concentric Health Experience to its list of customers.

“Child care is the single biggest pain point for working families,” says Charles Bonello, CEO and co-founder of Vivvi. “When employers work to honor their people for who they are rather than for the role they fulfil, as Horizon has, it serves to unlock tremendous opportunities and potential for all stakeholders."

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Horizon’s new benefit is integrated into a suite of other health and wellness offerings including professional development courses, a health clinic, an on-site gym and wellness clinic that provides acupuncture, among other services. The company also has a space called the retreat, where employees can meditate and unwind during the day.

Benwitt says the company has had positive feedback since implementing the benefit in September. It’s important for employers to recognize the struggles that working parents face, she adds.

“The challenges working parents face are plentiful and far reaching. Horizon’s culture is steeped in employee customization and this is another example of how knowing what matters aids in supporting our valued community.”

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