New software aims to make workforce intelligence, analytics easier

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In a time where unemployment is at a 50-year low, and employers are competing for the same talent, being able to recruit, engage and retain employees is of great importance to any company.

That’s why software companies Engage Talent and PredictiveHR partnered to create a new analytics tool: the Total Talent Intelligence platform.

The software allows employers to predict company and market performance with AI technology, identify employees who are most likely to leave, and stay ahead of the competition with talent acquisition, retention and strategic people initiatives.

“What we're tackling here is helping companies fix problems that they have today in recruiting and retention,” says Joe Hanna, CEO of Engage Talent. “How to find candidates, attract them and engage and recruit them is of the highest priority to companies.”

The aim is to bring together the AI-driven metrics of an organization’s people and talent data as well as external data on industry and competition. Dell, Transamerica and Allstate are some of the companies that are using the platform to improve their talent acquisition.

The platform uses PredictiveHR’s data integration and optimization to bring information from a company’s application tracking systems, human capital management solutions and other systems into the Engage platform.

In today’s tight labor market, a number of employees in key roles such as software engineers, chief marketing officers and nurses, are likely interested in changing jobs, according to Engage intelligence. Its AI predictions suggest that more than 5% of U.S. software engineers and 10% of chief marketing officers are likely to be interested in changing jobs.

That means businesses need to be more strategic in keeping their best people and attracting new talent, Hanna says, adding that the platform can save time and money on talent acquisition and help employers measure key initiatives against market data such as diversity and inclusion.

“Employers are not going to be able to be competitive without that type of intelligence,” Hanna adds. “By providing employers with marketing intelligence, supply analytics and competitive intelligence, it gives them information about where to find talent, how much they are compensated and what skills are out there.”

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