Reward Gateway develops analytics tool to manage employee engagement

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Reward Gateway, a company that works with employers to measure and improve employee engagement, has expanded its online platform with new analytics tools designed to help HR leaders get greater insight into employee engagement and benefit adoption.

The SmartInsights Analytics engine utilizes a visual and intuitive dashboard and a manager results dashboard to get this data into the hands of HR leaders, so they can pinpoint areas for improvement specific to a team or department within the organization.

The tool is available to all 1,800 of Reward Gateway’s global employer clients. Some of the U.S. employers now able to utilize this tool include American Express, IBM and McDonald’s who use the data to decrease turnover and improve employee satisfaction.

“We collect a lot of data related to how employees engage with their business,” says Rob Boland, chief operating office with Reward Gateway. “There was real excitement [among employers] about the dynamic ability of the information. Clients want to be able to manipulate this information themselves because every single HR leader is going to have something different that they want to look at and a different trend that will be more relevant to them.”

Reward Gateway wanted to build a system that could take all those bits of information regarding turnover, absenteeism, and productivity and package it in a way that will allow HR leaders to identify these trends and make smarter business decisions.

“We wanted to build an analytics tool that gave all this great information to HR leaders so they could see these trends,” Boland says. “We can give them that information where they can objectively show a relationship between an engaged employee and actual business metrics like productivity and profitability.”

The dashboards provide up-to-date information about an employee’s overall use of the platform, including recognition and reward activity among employees across departments. HR leaders will be able to use this data to address engagement needs and to make meaningful changes for the business.

“We can now see the influence of recognition between locations and departments, as well as the impact that manager comments and reactions have on engagement activity,” Reward Gateway U.K.-based client Ben Waterfield, reward manager at Dunelm, said in a statement announcing the platforms. “It’s like seeing our culture in action. Going forward this data will help us identify where we can target specific programs to improve employee engagement.”

Other clients include Unilever, Samsung, Five Star Bank, SafeAmerica Credit Union, and Lutheran Aging Services.

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