StaffConnect redesigns employee platform to boost engagement

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StaffConnect, a provider of mobile employee engagement solutions for remote and employees working outside of a corporate environment, has redesigned its platform as a way to better help employers engage with their workforce.

Employers using the new platform will be able to improve internal communications and increase employee engagement levels and productivity across the entire workforce. The redesigned platform has a new interface to deliver faster performance and a better user experience.

“We aim to transform the employee experience by engaging the entire workforce,” says Ciara O’Keeffe, vice president of customer experience at StaffConnect. “That’s important because a lot of the desk-based platforms out there forget about the remote or deskless employees.”

The app will launch on Nov. 18 with key features including a central employee hub that allows users to organize all community and company news, and access different content by swiping from one channel to another. There will be a new feature that enables users to easily and securely connect to HR systems, content systems, and an employee engagement toolbox. Remote employees will have access to secure instant messaging with integrated chat.

“It makes it a lot better for customers to decide what works for them, based on what the employees are doing and what the analytics are showing,” O’Keeffe says.

One StaffConnect customer, Jerome’s Furniture in California, has a large deskless workforce, meaning the bulk of the employees work in the retail stores. The upgraded tool will allow the frontline employees and the head office to better connect and use employee feedback to improve their customer and employee experience.

The redesign also includes feedback tools through quick “pulse surveys” that take minutes to complete, targeted two-way feedback campaigns and instant mobile video training.

Employers will also get insight into user engagement such as percentage of each video watched, top posts by views, comments and likes. The platform will offer assistance with the onboarding process through push notifications to new hires and industry specific health and safety push notifications to measure regulatory compliance requirements.

“Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the platform is the ability to effectively measure engagement. This gives organizations important insights into the effectiveness of their engagement strategies so they can adjust accordingly as they make cultural shifts toward improving their employees’ experience of the company,” O’Keeffe says.

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