SurveyMonkey tool aims to help employers track employee satisfaction

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SurveyMonkey released SurveyMonkey Engage, an online tool designed to measure worker job satisfaction, personal engagement and other factors.

SurveyMonkey’s polling platform surveys employees about their job satisfaction, personal engagement, visible future with the company, team dynamics and purpose alignment. The results are collected, analyzed and displayed in a dashboard that can be viewed HR director and senior executives. HR directors can compare responses and analyze data with the filters of their choice in a specific time frame.

“These core factors of engagement help employers understand what actually is driving engagement at their company, We have written all of the surveys out of the box and added the cadence that allows employers to keep a very consistent touch with employees,” says Danny DeFalco, a senior product manager for the Engage team.
SurveyMonkey says its technology, manufacturing, financial services and hospitality clients have used the program. SurveyMonkey declined to reveal the names of any current users of the software.

SurveyMonkey e-mails the employee a link to the online Engage survey, which can be filled out on a work or private computer, laptop or smartphone. The surveys are anonymous.

SurveyMonkey Engage users also have access to a private portal, where they can discuss issues and express concerns such as inappropriate topics at a meeting or complaints about coworkers and supervisor. These interactions take place with an HR director and are also anonymous.

The first Engage poll, called a “core survey,” is 15 questions plus a few questions that require comments, which the company says takes only five minutes to complete. Employees have two weeks to fill out the survey before the polling is closed.

After the first survey, Engage begins a monthly follow-up survey of three to five questions to create what it calls a “check in.” This “conversational cadence” allows SurveyMonkey to poll employees for their opinions on their employer’s workplace, connection with their job, work matters and more. Every six months, employees take another core survey that resembles the first survey to "establish the baseline of employee engagement." The company just released a new question bank to add additional questions to the check-in surveys if they desire.

“It’s not simply a static measurement that you do once a year -- it's an ongoing conversation where you understand the experiences of employees in your workplace,” says Becky Cantieri, chief people officer of SurveyMonkey.

Employees can view how their responses compare to their colleagues inside the firm.

SurveyMonkey charges $4 per employee per month but enterprise SurveyMonkey clients can be charged less for their larger workforces.

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