Zenefits unveils new platform for HR and compliance needs

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With rapid changes happening with the ACA, overtime rule and Cadillac tax, Zenefits unveiled its new platform, titled HR One, which aims to be an all-in-one solution for HR needs by delivering access via mobile devices and notifying employers of deadlines for new compliance regulations.

“Compliance in general is such a major concern for personal businesses, even before all these potential changes that could be coming in the future,” says Arisa Amano, VP of product at Zenefits. “Small businesses tend to spend over 200 hours a year just on regulation and compliance and we know that just over 60% [of business owners] tend to struggle with that.”

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The compliance app portion of HR One will help Zenefits clients stay ahead of compliance deadlines by syncing deadlines to personal calendars and will even notify the client should an expected deadline change. HR One also handles HR functions such as payroll, filing hiring paperwork, time-off requests, among other tasks.

“The compliance assistance app is not just a static list of deadlines,” Amano says. For example, if a user were to hire an employee, the compliance assistance app will immediately know that they hired an employee through the Zenefits hiring app. It would know “who that employee is and based on when you hired them, it will let you know when you need to complete an I-9 within three days of the hiring date,” she adds.

Zenefit’s app is designed to be accessible on mobile devices as well on desktops and laptops. “One of our biggest requests for the mobile app is to expand the mobile abilities to the administrators,” says a Zenefits spokesman. “If you are an administrator you can now log into the app and see notifications to be approved.”

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The new platform will also have more than 50 partners including businesses such as PAi and Principal, Lyft, Asana, Box, Connectors and smaller partners such as Hive, NexTravel and Giftedd. The partners will provide other benefit tools that are not native to current Zenefits solutions, such as 401(k) services, creating tickets in hiring, employee transportations programs, and other tasks.

“Zenefits focuses on payroll, HR and benefits, which are the core systems,” says the Zenefits spokesman. “For everything else, we partner with the top companies in their fields in order to provide a comprehensive solution for our customers.”

All of the apps released as a part of HR One are available today, with the exception of payroll, which is available in California, Washington, Texas and Florida. It will be available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona starting March 1.

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