Employees want comprehensive ancillary benefits

You work hard for a company and you expect to be taken care of. Chances are that’s why most of your employees get up for work every day. The way employers compensate their employees has certainly changed over the years, but an employee’s desire to be valued has not.

So what do employees value?

Three out of four employees said dental coverage is important, according to new research from the National Association of Dental Plans. In fact, only 8% of people don’t feel it’s important that their employer offers dental coverage, and the majority of those respondents were over the age of 65.

Your company’s prospective talent wants to know that you value them not only as workers but also as people. By offering dental, vision and disability insurance you show your current employees, and those thinking about joining you, that your company is dedicated to keeping them healthy. Make it easy on yourself and your employees by bundling your benefits with one carrier. This will allow them to receive one bill and have one source to turn to with questions.

You can be a good partner to your employees without breaking your budget. You don’t have to cover an employee’s full dental premium for them to see the value in what you’re offering. In fact, NADP research shows that only 20%of employers do that. The majority of workers expect, and are willing, to pay a portion of their premium.

Dental coverage is more important to workers today because it’s something they expect. It’s something they’ve grown up with because of their parents’ dental plans and they’ve seen the data that proves that oral health is a key to good overall health.
Research shows that having access to their regular dentist is by far the most important factor for an employee when considering a plan.

Today about two-thirds of employers are offering dental coverage. If you’re not, ask yourself if it’s hurting your company. If you’re having trouble attracting the talent you expect, it very well could be because your competitor offers comprehensive ancillary benefits.

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