10 tech execs
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Who is worth watching in the benefits IT arena? We present the boundary-breakers you need to keep on your radar.
Arisa Amano
Title: VP of Products

Company: Zenefits

Zenefits will launch an iPhone app designed to give employees on-demand access to their benefits, flexible spending and salary data. The Zenefits mobile app is targeted at small business owners, whom the company says are estimated to spend 25%-35% of their business day managing such HR needs. Arisa Armano, Zenefits vice president of product, says that putting mobile access to such information in the hands of employees will help improve benefits education on an individual level as well.
Dave Carlson edit

Dave Carlson

Title: Chairman and Co-founder

Company: Empyrean

Carlson is a veteran of the HR and benefits technology space, he served as Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Synhrgy HR Technologies, which served performed human resource outsourcing services to Fortune 1000 companies. During his tenure there, the enterprise grew its annual revenues from $0 to $50 million and was sold to Mercer. He also served as partner and director of outsourcing at Hewitt Associates where he developed and oversaw one of the firm’s outsourcing practices and national service center.
Mike Fleming edit

Michael Fleming

Title: CTO

Company: Liazon

At Liazon, Fleming “makes it all run with over 25 years of software development experience,” according to his bio. This veteran of the online benefits teams for The New York Stock Exchange, J.P. Morgan, Kidder Peabody and Chyron Corporation has a motto: “I believe any reasonably advanced software should be indistinguishable from magic.”
Courtney Guertin

Courtney Guertin

Title: Co-founder and CTO

Company: EaseCentral

"We are based in Silicon Valley but have locations in San Diego and Las Vegas. Beyond the great benefits package — medical, dental, vision, life, disability, etc. — we recognize the differences in each locale and try to create the best work atmosphere possible — whether by offering flexible hours, healthy snacks or a fun office environment. We love to do events and will get together for barbeques, ramen and sushi parties, concerts and more. We regularly bring teams together, and twice a year we have an all-company gathering. Our Las Vegas office anchors a great Customer Success team but also hosts most company gatherings." — How Guertin describes his company's benefits.
Roger Lee edit

Roger Lee

Title: CEO and Co-founder

Company: Captain401

Captain401 is an online platform that helps small businesses set up 401(k) accounts for their staffers. Lee got the idea after attempting to offer a 401(k) plan for his team when he co-founded a startup called PaperG, which makes ad design software for brands, agencies and publishers. The Captain401 system connects directly with a firm’s payroll provider, automates data entry process and handles the filing of legal forms.
Michael Lujan

Michael Lujan

Title: Co-founder and chief strategy officer

Company: Limelight Health

"Millennials — who are 25% of the workforce currently and are estimated to make up more than half of it by 2020 — were brought up by broadband and don’t know of an existence that does not have technology in everything they do." — Michael Lujan
David Reid

David Reid

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: EaseCentral

"We provide software for our customers and are focused on this mission. Unlike Zenefits, EaseCentral doesn’t sell insurance products, so our company and employees don’t have any state licensing requirements. We don't disrupt the insurance brokers we serve, and when we do disrupt traditional practices, the changes are for the better and are welcomed by the industry." — David Reid

Bethany Schenk

Title: President and CEO

Company: Web Benefits Design Corp.

Bethany Schenk serves as Web Design Corp.’s President, CEO, and co-founder. Schenk’s various roles include product development, marketing, sales, account management, compliance, human resources and operations. Bethany co-founded Web Benefits Design with her husband and has led its growth into a player in the benefits administration and technology arena thanks to her 22 years in technology industries.
Rajeev Singh edit

Rajeev Singh

Title: CEO

Company: Accolade

In a collaboration with Mercer and healthcare concierge company Accolade, workers can now access “one-stop shopping” for their healthcare needs. The new platform provides support services to help employees navigate complex healthcare system in a solution that resides in their employer-sponsored health plan.
Richard Wolfe

Richard Wolfe

Title: CEO and Co-founder

Company: Empyrean

Along with being the CEO of Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Wolfe previously served as chief operating officer for the firm technology solution provider. He also served as senior operations director and principal with Mercer HR Services, where he oversaw solution architecture and the delivery of services to outsourcing clients.